Level Of Care And Extension Of Services Order

The treatment professionals recommend the level of care for the respondent during the assessment. The clinicians may increase or decrease the level of care at any time. Often, a respondent, based on their participation (or, lack thereof) may start at one level of care, but subsequently need a higher or lower level of care based upon their participation in the treatment process – this is not uncommon and should be expected. If the respondent still meets Marchman Act criteria prior to the end of the (90) day services period, an extension can be filed for up to an additional ninety (90) days. Although the petitioner and the court cannot dictate the level of care, they are able to enforce the court order so that the respondent receives the treatment they need during the court ordered period. In order to obtain an extension of the original ninety (90) day order a petitioner must file a motion and the provider must testify that the respondent still meets Marchman Act criteria.

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