About Reference Nexus

Reference Nexus recognizes the internet's dominance as a research tool for those searching for information regarding a specific issue. Many of today’s online research methods require multiple search queries that ultimately lead to information that is generalized, untrustworthy or a clear marketing ploy. Traditional methods of research are far too broad and time-intensive for today’s modern lifestyle.

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Our Founding

Reference nexus was developed to provide an answer to the need for quick and thorough access to information and solutions. Our goal is to provide all the information that an individual would need when confronted with a specific problem. In many cases, individuals seeking answers regarding specific issues ultimately require the help of professionals. Reference Nexus was also designed to bridge that gap.

We Put Our Users First

The subscribers in our index allow the public to find them in a unique and direct way. We are against redirection through call centers and other marketing methods that leave the public disadvantaged. Our websites allow the public to search for a subscribers listings based on specific parameters set forth by the searching public.

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Our Family Of Websites

Reference Nexus websites are specifically designed to act as a nexus for the public to access information and directly reach the professionals that they need and select those that are right for them. The referenced material educates the public on their specific issue while the directories provide a user friendly method to seek out a needed professional.

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Our Focus On User Experience

Reference Nexus increases the ease and convenience of searching and problem solving by making the process of understanding a particular issue while acquiring a professional to solve it, simple and easy.